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Car for sale Netherlands

car for sale Netherlands - Rietveld TaxatiesWe are happy to help you with a car that is for sale in the Netherlands. Rietveld Taxaties is experienced in guiding buyers and sellers all over the world. 

You have seen a car in the Netherlands that you would like to buy. It is nice if someone can check the condition of the car for you.  And whether this is what you are really looking for. We can visit the seller and , for example, check the papers of the car, history, restoration reports, etc. We can make an extensive photo series of things you would like to see and know. Inspection of specific points at your request. Rietveld Taxaties can take care of this for you. So that you do not have to make a long journey yourself to view the car.  We are your eyes from a distance

Let us know your questions and we will see how we can help you with that. We do not provide technical inspections by ourself, but we can provide them for you for the car that is for sale in the Netherlands and you are interested in.

We use our years of experience and our large and extensive network of buyers and sellers in the Netherlands to provide you with the best possible service.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can be of any service to you.